What Emotional Explosion The 5 Retrograde Planets are Planning For Us Since 29.04.2016

What Emotional Explosion The 5 Retrograde Planets are Planning For Us

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto – these planetary quintet will play dance with the fates of millions of people on Earth, mostly of those who do not miss to check their horoscope. Currently, five of the nine larger cosmic bodies in the solar system are in retrograde phase.

The last time all the five classical planets were in retrograde stage in 1542!!!

The Retrograde Planets provokes our beliefs and the philosophy, shaped by the collective attitudes, societal frameworks and family values.

Each planet represents a different aspect of our lives: Mercury- Comunication; Mars- Physical Energy; Saturn- Work and karma; Jupiter- Phylosophy and Spirituality; Pluto- Passion and Sexuality.

When the planets are in retrograde movement, they will have a dabble effect about the aspects, that each planet represent. This is why, we should think twice about our decisions.

The combination “Mercury and Pluto”

This combination of Retrograde Planets is an open evolutionary path for us all. There is a higher purpose in it

What Emotional Explosion The 5 Retrograde Planets are Planning For Us

. Astrology is a mirror in the sky – all occurring there, reflects the things occurring within us. Sometimes, certain conditions must come together to create the necessary opportunities. Sometimes these conditions seem scary, but they reflect the evolutionary necessity, and there is always a way to do it.

Pluto intensifies the elements of insanity in human nature and makes us to project it onto others. It is possible during this period the violence to reach a peak.

Mars required to bring to light our passions and desires and to stay silent about the anger and resentment.
Personally, Mars retrograde can  “return” to you something or someone from the past.

Mercury is retrograde in Taurus – 29.4. – 23.5.2016 
This backwardness reinforces the extreme mercantilism and greed in humans. Pay attention of your mind.

Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo – 8.1. – 10.5.2016
Lord of the stubbornness, born of all signs, but mostly the representatives of Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer, and all who have  Moon or ascendant in one of these signs. These people are possessed by the desire to impose their requirements.

Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius – 25.3. – 13.8.2016 
A long period, in which we must learn patience and tolerance, the dignity to recognize foreign knowledge. People with little knowledge furiously will argue to justify the rightness of their views.

After all this retrograde time is a great time for us to recognise our weak places and to meet them face to face. It is 100% shure, that this Retrograde Planets dance is a plan of the universe and after the finish of this dance, we will be much  more stronger than now.


  1. Dee

    Wow! another great tool in the “live my life saga”of the Universe! We are reminded that our scope of existence on this planet is to be looked at and explored, meeting others as well, who find interest in what the “stars and planets” hold for us! Being an enlightened person does not necessarily mean one knows it all. Thank you for a most informative and easy to understand briefing! I will continue to journal my feeling and thoughts, ever more aware of just whats happening ” out there” and respond accordingly. Bring it home, and use it! Sincerely…12th house Scorpio

  2. Soul Century

    yes, It is and I would be very happy if you just put my link in your site, when you use some info from me 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Melinda Haigh

    I wish I read this before letting someone stay at my home for a little while. He wouldn’t leave. He argued dumb issues and had to be right. I am disabled since 21, now 58 with pain issues from scoliosis surgery. I am doing well. My pain is subsiding due to being guided to what is the best next step in healing. Awesome. I can return to looking at my weaknesses, clearly one is taking in negativity of others. I will take what I learned and learn. Great reading to guide me through a tough time. Thanks.

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