What Is Your Slavic Zodiac Signs Tells About You?

What Is Your Slavic Zodiac Signs Tells About You?

Most of us believe that 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. But according to the old Slavic totem calendar it is the year of the Grass- Snake. 

Slavic nations in 1700 celebrated the New Year in their own calendar, with their traditions, rituals and customs. The cycle of Slavic calendar consists of 16 years. Ancient Slavs are assigned to each of the cycles name of an animal. In the old Slavic calendar, unlike Eastern culture, the date of the New Year has been March 21 – the end of the cold winter and the awakening of all life.

Our distant ancestors with special tribute have treated all reptiles, because of the “magic” of their ability to recover. The regeneration of the broken tail of a lizard or the annual skin change of the snake, the ancient Slavs are explained as divine abilities. So these creatures are considered sacred.

In the Slavic calendar there are sixteen animals:

Dark Los  1912 1928 1944 1960 1976 1992 2008
Stinging Wasp 1913 1929 1945 1961 1977 1993 2009
Hiding Wolf  1914 1930 1946 1962 1978 1994 2010
Fiery Squirrel 1915 1931 1947 1963 1979 1995 2011

Pearl Pike 1916 1932 1948 1964 1980 1996 2012

Beard Frog 1917 1933 1949 1965 1981 1997 2013
Wild Boar 1918 1934 1950 1966 1982 1998 2014
White Owl 1919 1935 1951 1967 1983 1999 2015
Grass-snake  1920 1936 1952 1968 1984 2000 2016

Stalking Fox 1921 1937 1953 1969 1985 2001 2017

Skared Hedgehog 1922 1938 1954 1970 1986 2002 201

  Drifting Eagle 1923 1939 1955 1971 1987 2003 2019
  Clever Spider 1924 1940 1956 1972 1988 2004 2020
  Proud Rooster  1925 1941 1957 1973 1989 2005 2021
 Golden Bull 1926 1942 1958 1974 1990 2006 2022

 Fire Horse 1927 1943 1959 1975 1991 2007 2023


                                                         Dark Los is leading others behind and patronize the Higher Powers. This person is alive, slashing and proud, not satisfied with the achievements, often incomprehensible for his close surroundings. The less doubts and ponder about your endeavors, the more you can give to the world.

People born during the Stinging Wasp are very active and love to make noise. They have a strong intuition and purposeful. To achieve their target, they use any method, without thinking about morality. They have a wonderful memory, many are frugal and jealous. By nature are leaders, love to put others in a place.

Representatives of the Wolf have a great power, natural grace and can find way out of the most difficult life situation. They have a cat’s habits, but outer softness and tranquility. Wolf may occur very abruptly and instantly to mobilize and show their claws and teeth. Although they do not like to create and maintain order. Posses generosity, patience and good character.

Fiery Squirrel is a person, having Higher protection. People born in this year are very agile and mobile. They have a lively mind – understand everything instantly and immediately get into the situation, finding the best way out. They Are nervous by nature, they are often prone to mood swings and depression. In life rely only on themselves, so because of this soon start to work and raise families.

Pearl Pike – people born in this year under the auspices of their lost loved ancestors. They are conservative and orthodox, endowed with inner peace and confidence in their uprightness. Therefore, they are direct and honest in the communication.

Bearded frog possesses a natural wisdom to create harmonious relationships with the world. Able to appreciate it. The frog is very thrifty, careful, modest and accurate. Wonderful and hospitable hosts, not very picky about his surroundings. This person does not like changes, love his comfortable “swamp”, and knows perfectly what he wants from life.

Wild Boar are fearless people, always ready to give response of a whomever they consider an enemy. Strive to be the first case in which it is interested. Once they have the desired generally seek solitude to rest and fall into apathy. In a calm state Boars are very reasonable and do not take actions without a future.

White Owl is a man living in his arrangements, leading closed life. He is very suspicious, mysterious and superstitious. In a favorable environment, their talent  can reveal in extraordinary ways. If they find a favorable environment for business, the Owls are able to move mountains.

Representatives of hissing snake are people who have the gift to harmonize the space around them. They have philosophical thinking and everything secret for them is more important than the obvious. They are closed, they do not like to talk much, practical, operable and frugal. Go bold, but flexible to the selected target and in case of unexpected obstacles, change their skin like a snake.

Stalking fox are people with mysterious fate and life, full of adventure. They are clever, inventive, mocking, cunning, laugh, very careful and cautious. They never kicked against the poker. They prefer to do everything quietly. These are clever intriguers who are very serious about life and know how to achieve their goals.

The Hedgehog are unpredictable, prickly and noisy people. Have a wonderful memory and are very over-scrupulous to details. A very reliable friends and faithful husbands.

Soaring Eagle are missionaries and reformers seized by ideals and ideas. They are brave, proud and have a fickle nature. Do not tolerate manipulation and dictatorship, living by their own rules and laws. They are very noble, honest in communicating, faithful in friendship and love. May predict a threatening troubles.

The spider is clannish. The support of relatives he needs like air. He loves and knows how to unite large groups of people and create all kinds of organizations. He is power-hungry, sensitive, able systematically to achieve goals using his extraordinary creativity. The spider is the guardian of traditions and family home.

People born during the Proud Rooster are sharp and hasty in their decisions and actions, many are active, fearless and ambitious. They try to always be in the spotlight and have their original opinion about everything. They love the home and the children.

Those born in the year of the Golden Bull harmoniously combine in their  character the good nature and fury. They love to patronize the poor. They are very hardy, persistent and patient. In danger show unusual courage and aggression. They will fight to the death for what they love.

Fire Horse are active and brave, honest and executive people. They are very talented, romantic, durable and purposeful. Horses love traveling and extreme sports, so rarely can be found at home, as constantly in a hurry.


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