How Toxins In Our Food Harm Our Energy Field And How To Clean It

How Toxins In Our Food Harm Our Energy Field And How To Clean It

The understanding that the body is made of energy and light is essential for the awareness of the ways in which toxins can harm your energy fields. The human body has the ability to generate numerous electromagnetic fields. Many of them are very small and difficult to locate. The most easy to detect are the electromagnetic fields of the heart and aura.

When your body is healthy it produces electromagnetic fields that occur as they should, and in most cases do not contain negative energy and information. Modern food industry and the environment, however, are full of toxins (heavy metals, sodium fluoride, refined sugar and pesticides) which violate the electromagnetic communication between the bio photons which are “living light” in our cells.

Toxins violate the communication process between cells, because they act as a kind of electrical noise in our body.

The longer the toxins from the food and the environment remains in your body, the more unnatural electromagnetic resonances cause. Over time, these resonances begin to cause harmful biochemical changes in the body, leading to serious illnesses.

The energy fields have a fundamental role on health. They are one of the most important energy systems of the body and act as a communication network that allows the mind and the body cells to communicate and work together. Energy fields also contain information that is a key to your survival and development.

You can do one very  powerful cleaning as a beginning with the water. Increase your daily intake of water- around 3,4 liters at day and you will wash away a significant part of the toxins. It is also good to stay near the trees, because the trees clean our energy from the dust in our aura, like they do it with the air. Sport can clean the toxins, trow the sweat too. The Best way is live a healthy life, in which you will feel happy all the time, because the happiness is the most powerful weapon against toxins.

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