The Cards of Madame Lenormand – The Best Fortune Teller Tool

The Cards of Madame Lenormand - The Best Fortune Teller Tool

Popular cards of Madame Lenormand represent a deck of 36 cards which can be great friend of yours. The cards have an image that matches the name on each card. With This oracle cards is important to pay attention to the name on the card,not just the following meanings – everything that  may come to your mind by seeing one card can have divinatory significance. Never underestimate your intuition.

There are two interesting and kind of funny legends, explaining their appearance, but above is the information about the real person Madame Lenormand.

According to the one-They were the favorite game for the concubines of the Chinese emperor.

According to another legend gaming cards appeared in India. A Maharaja constantly touched his beard. This habit  annoyed his wife so much, that she invented a the card game, for the hands of her husband to be constantly busy with something.

The Cards of Madame Lenormand - The Best Fortune Teller Tool

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Wherever they came from, playing cards quickly spread throughout Europe in the second half of the XIV century. In Latin manuscript, discovered in the funds of the British Museum, the German monk Johannes von Rheinfelden wrote: “The card game came to us in 1377 .” Several years later the geography of gaming cards engulfed Paris, Florence and Barcelona.

Usually they are mentioned  in a documents prohibiting the card game – the church immediately declared them as a tool of the devil …

But who is actually Madame Lenormand?

Anna Maria Adelaide Lenormand was born 27.05.1772. in Alanson, a small town 50 miles from Paris. Her father was a wealthy merchant. Even as a child in the school, she hinted about her abilities, predicting the Director of her school a recent relocation of the monastery.

After the death of her father, Lenormand moved to Paris. Initially working as a shop assistant, but soon showed incredible talent for predicting the future. With the help of her friend, she open “Pyu December TOURNO lounge”, which was her property. In it, she predicts the future of the willing ladies and gentlemen with the help of astrology, cards and other methods.

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