Telepathic Communication Between Soulmates

Telepathic Communication Between Soulmates
Telepathic communication with your Soul mate or Twin flame
Twinflame connections share just one spirit that vibrates at a high frequency together, the energy they share together makes them both telepathic. Allowing them to intuitively feel their other half’s energy, what they are thinking and wanting….

When ever we listen to our twinflame, they can read our mind, saying intimate thoughts from our mind. This is a telepathic energy bond that twinflames will get in touch with each other at the same time, it’s very common to finish each others sentences.This is the beginning of telepathic energy with opening up psychic energy between the twin Souls. Telepathy is a wider expression of an energetic vibration, the merging of twin Souls. This will get deeper and stronger as their true unconditional love develops.

Twin souls can become confused, hurt and frustrated from the lack of communication with each other, they are highly sensitive.

There is so many different ways that soul mates and twinflames can share their telepathic energy. When ever our Soul mate or twin flame comes to us, we can instantly recognize them by their spiritual unique energy. We also will feel a fluttering feeling in deep our heart, sensing their presence, even their smell, special fragrance.

We can feel their touch spiritually, it is a feeling like a soft touch on the face, hair, back and etc. You can feel the energy embrace you. This happens usually at the most inconvenient time in our life.

Twinflames share the same dreams, and communicate in when in you are a meditational state seeing them through visions .

Many twinflames develop a psychic connection with their twin soul before meeting them (as with my situation).

Twinflames always feel the most overwhelming emotional energy that can come out of nowhere. Bursting out in tears for no reason, there is an intense anger or a beautiful feeling of happiness, many time you may feel a sexual energy.

This is why it is very important for us to understand that when we feel these intense emotions, we can recognize that they are directly coming from our twinsoul.

What if I’m not with my twin Soul?

Merging with twin soul keeps our heart open and the spirits become as one. It doesn’t matter if our twinflame is aware or if they believe in Twinflames / soulmates, or telepathy or anything that is  spiritual.

Sending Love and Light to our twin soul is crucial it helps them heal. This and connects their together.

It’s not easy to live away from your twin flame, once they are not in a deep relationship,  they will feel each others energy and reflect their emotions and feelings regardless of where they are in their life.

Their vibrational energy will feel a complete claustrophobic spiritual energy, and especially when your twinflame is experiencing negativity.

Embracing your Spirit

The reunion with twinflames will only happen with the true love of your inner twin, the energy of your twinflame, you are as one spirit together. You should never deny or block the truth of your twinsoul connection.






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