Telekinetic Abilities – The Best Telekinesis Training

Telekinetic Abilities - The Best Telekinesis Training

Telekinetic Abilities – The ability to move objects by thought or will, without any application of physical force. Telekinesis is an interaction between your personal energy and the energy of the subject witch you are trying to influence. The exercise “floating objects”, such as a toothpick in a bowl of water, is relatively easy and requires minimal telekinesis to force the stick to float in the bowl.

All you need is a bowl of water and a few toothpicks or matches. Fill the cup with water and carefully insert the stick at its center. Then you have to force it to swim. For advanced, place another larger bowl onto the first to eliminate air movements, as a reason for the movement of the stick.

Your mind must be clear and focus to achieve the connection to the vibrational energy of the stick. At this point you should concentrate your mind and visualize how the stick is moving back and forth in the water. Put the bowl on the table in front of you. Wait a while for the water to calm. Before starting, the surface of the water and the stick must be absolutely motionless. Use the energy of the thought, to force the stick to move on the surface of the water.

Telekinetic Abilities
Telekinetic Abilities

Some people say that they feel as they are connected with the toothpick, others say they feel the toothpick as a part of their body. Others feel that energy going out of their head and pushing the stick. You should try out these different approaches to determine which one fits you best.

Side effects – they are possible and are associated with unconscious Telekinetic Abilities talent. If on the surface of the water ripples occur, it is an indication of the talent Hydrokinesis or Aerokinese. If the water freezes partially this is a Cryokinesis.

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