Raise Your Vibration – Frequency To Higher Consciousness

Raise Your Vibration - Frequency To Higher Consciousness

Raise Your Vibration With Spiritual Poetry by Soul Century

Moon Flower

Tell me more and more
Take me to the shore
Look into my eyes
And see the sunrise

Give me your true word
That i will never feel hurt
Tell me more and more
Word that i will adore

I saw the deepest sea
The ocean of another “me”
I felt the coldest hot
Let’s say… to be or not

I don’t feel fear
when my sun is near
Let’s go to this ocean bottom
and make the moon flower blossom


If I could be
like brightest light

would set you free

from every fight.

If I could be

like deepest sea
would wash your tears
of all that years.
If I could be
a little smile
would let you free
                                                                               and take you high.

So let me see
if set you free
would every fear
just disapier..


I can’t be perfect
but let me try for you
If I go wrong
you’ll follow too

Is this perfection-
alwayse do the right,
no matter what
but we will fight.

If this perfection
is what they say
I’ll bring it to you
but would not stay.

You’ll ask me why…
but think you know-
the world is not
“A one man’s show”

Real perfection is
for me and you-
if I go wrong,
you’ll follow too…


Can you tell me
where have you been?
Lost you baby
in another dream.
Were you happy
in this world unreal?
Or there ‘s nothing here
for you to feel…
Don’t go back…
You’ll find me gohst..
Sinse you were gone
my dreams have lost.
I wish to try
to meet again,
but let first fly
reborn as freeman.
Now I’m here
where have you been?
I left you fly
to another dream…
  1. Soul Century

    I am very happy to hear this, Cary! The goal of Soul Century is to bring happiness to it’s readers ! Blessed BE! <3

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