How Each Phase Of The Moon Affects Our Body

There is hardly any of us who has not heard about the lunar diet or other health rituals performed in certain phases of the moon. What does it mean exactly  and can we have an explanation why the moon affects the body and why our health is linked to the lunar cycles?

Since ancient times people have seen and know well the movement of celestial bodies and their impact on their lives both at macro and micro level. Ancient, unlike us, have learned things from the outside in, ie from large scale to small; of the universe to the individual human organism. Nowadays we put people at the center, studying it from a cell to organism, and excluding external factors that affect him. This method gives us a really detailed look at the things which unfortunately proved unexpectedly surface.

After 70% of our weight is water, why we so difficult accept that the phases of the moon affect on the human body? This is particularly true for the female body whose menstrual cycles are also tied to the moon.  Understanding precisely lunar phases and their effect on us, we can plan everyday life,to  brings more health and gives us energy.

The phases of the moon are few, and those that have the greatest impact are New Moon and Full Moon.

new moon

This is the time of the low tides in the ocean. In ancient traditions of yoga, this is the point at which energy Apana, which corresponds to the last phase of exhalation, elimination and cleansing processes in the body, is the highest.

Based on this knowledge, we can easily guess that the time of day after the full moon until the new moon, ie during the waning moon is most appropriate to conduct a cathartic procedures such as fasting, detoxification and other related disposal of waste products and toxins from the body. This is the time when we are able to reduce our weight easy.

full moon

This is the time of the tides, when the vital energy of prana, which gives us life energy, is in the highest levels.  This is the time when we will have the greatest effect from taking any supplements or medications, so it is better to be careful with what we take at the time. In growing moon and full moon, gravity starts to affect us and we can gain one kilogram above. This is the time when we will not achieve good results with the diets.

In the days between Full Moon and New Moon, you may experience significant fluctuations inyour vital energy or feeling unwell, so it might be a good idea to skip some physical activity scheduled for this days.


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