The Most Powerful Magic For Money At Full Moon

The Most Powerful Magic Formoney At Full Moon

At full moon all magical powers are activated and spells are very strong, so you can try to help your budget by magic for the money…

Magicians say that this spell is easily feasible and it is directed only to the person who applies it.

To prepare for the implementation of this magical ritual fill the metal pot with water.

Place on bottom silver coin, and if you do not have a silver – maybe ordinary.

Then put the court on the terrace or a window, but that the moon to illuminate the entire surface.

When the full moon rises, lay both hands on the court as adding moonlight.


Remember that your mind has to be open and focused on the ritual to count on success. When you do this steps, say the magic words:

“Loving Queen of the Moon

sent richness and splendor,

silver and gold in the hand

‘This I ask this night! “

This spell is repeated three times in a the night with a full moon.


Then pour off the water around the earth, it is desirable to have soil. You can throw the water in the potted flowers in your balcony.

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