How To Find My Purpose In Life And Make My Dreams Come True? MUST Read!

How To Find My Purpose In Life And Make My Dreams Come True? MUST Read!

One of the most important things

in astrology is to find our karma. Sometimes we try to go on a path that is not destined for us in this incarnation, but we insist to go on it. Over time, we notice that this road is too difficult and everything in our lives is going slow and difficult . All this has an explanation and will now find it here:

How To Find My Purpose In Life?

What we need to pay great attention are two components of our astral birth chart-  North and South Node, or in Vedic astrology- Rahu and Ketu.

How To Find My Purpose In Life
How To Find My Purpose In Life

South Node shows the lessons that we have learned and that our soul incarnates on this planet. The North Node shows new life lessons through which we will pass. The North Node indicate the new characteristic features that have to integrate in ourselves in this incarnation.

You can find the position of your lunar notes at this site- this is one of my favourite, so I recomend to make your astro birth chart


What is important to remember is that there is no way to avoid or surrounded question manifestation of the North Node, because your soul has chosen to incarnate exactly this purpose: to absorb the new characteristics that are destined for you in this incarnation.

How To Find My Purpose In Life ?

If you know this information and discover  how your lunar nodes manifest in your life and start working purposefully with them will fulfil your  dreams in an easy way. Again we can compare the North Node with a road, but it will be not thorny, though at times but not so difficult as the South Node.

We live on a planet where harmony is composed of dual system and must be accepted that in our lives we will encounter many difficulties. But while the difficulties along the path of the South Node will let us down, the difficulties in the way of the North Node will empower us. So go boldly forward in your life lessons and choose consciously the road of the North Node- Rahu. Trust your Higherself in this life time and share this knowledge around the world, because we are all familly. We are ONE 🙂

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