4 Easy Steps to Connect With Your Higher Self – I AM

4 Easy Steps to Connect With Your Higher Self - I AM

1 Increase your faith and Expectations

The first step is to believe in the existence of the Higher Self and establish contact with him. Then you should expect every day to enhance this relationship, while you focus on your inner growth. Without Belief and Expectation is very difficult to achieve something in life, even on the physical level. For internal growth these two things are essential.

2 Seclusion and meditation

Regularly need to spend time for yourself in isolate areas, where you are completely alone. Just sit in a quiet place, without any expectations and doing nothing. In the beginning you may feel a little awkward and strange, but must continue. Take the time and find a quiet place for you to hear your inner voice. He will meet during the privacy or during  some daily event.

3 Keep inner dialogue

Regularly make internal dialogue with the Higher Self. Tell your Higher Self, “I know you’re there and I want to meet you. Please start talking to me and guide my life. ” Do not worry if at first you do not receive any response. However, you were cut off from the Higher Self for decades. It takes time to restore this connection. Be assertive in doing this dialogue, as if talking to a friend.

4 Pay attention to your dreams

Expect Higher Self to speak through dreams. Before going to be, do little stretches to allow your body to relax completely. Ask a question the Supreme and expect his answer. When you wake up, try to remember everything  you dreamed and save it in your diary. If you generally do not remember anything in the morning of sleep, will take a little more time and perseverance.

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