Blue Moon In The Sky! A Great End, That Will Raise Your Vibrations Rapidly!


It is quite normal for one season of the year three times to occur full moon. But sometimes for a season they are four full moons, as it is the case this spring.

In such an years, the third full moon in spring is called Blue Moon. The phenomenon has nothing to do with the color of the moon. Blue moon can be observe once in about two and a half years.

To this blue moon, we will add the fact that all the retrograde planets, clearly show us that it is time to sit down and ponder on how our lives should go and what to finish. This Friday is the perfect moment for an end – relationships, love relationship, job or something that we should trash from our life.

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Blue Moon In The Sky! A Great End, That Will Raise Your Vibration!

The Blue Moon is perfect time to arrange Your Home, to set another rules in it, to quit smoking , to stop eating junk foods, to break relationships with people, that you don’t like.

It is also a great time to make some “Magic Rituals”.


It is great to go for a night walk, to stay alone with your thoughts and to listening your inner voice.

The foods, that are suitable for this Blue Moon are Sea Fruits, Fish, Yogurt.


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