Astrology of Love & Sex

Astrology of Love & Sex

Love & Sex Secrets with Astrology:

We can learn a lot about ourselves and others through an exploration of positions, placements, and aspects in astrology birth (natal) charts. Love and sex are areas of our lives that intrigue us all. There are specific things to look for in astrology that will help shed light on individual temperaments, preferences, and styles.



Venus SymbolVenus, the goddess of love, reveals much about the way we approach relationships, romance, and love. Its placement by sign, house, and aspect shows how and where we go about expressing love.

To learn more about how you–and others–express feelings of love, as well as how you view relationships, look for the placement of Venus by sign in the birth chart. Learning the sign of your significant other’s Venus can go a long way towards understanding in your relationship. And, mindful relationships are even more possible when we use astrology!


Sexual Astrology:

See our Sexual Astrology page for specific sex secrets of Venus and Mars in the signs.

See our Sexual Astrology: Eros in the Signs page for interpretations of the asteroid Eros in the natal chart (and tables to find the position of Eros in any chart).

See also our articles: What a Man Finds Attractive in a Woman and What a Woman Finds Attractive in a Man.


Romantic Compatibility:

Love Sign Compatibility Compare Venus signs of you and your partner. Is it a love match?

Synastry, the art of relationship analysis in Astrology, is a complex and intriguing tool for exploring how individuals react to, and interact with, the energies of others. When we compare the positions of the planets in one birth chart with those of another, we can see revealing patterns of interaction.

Many people talk about finding their “soul mate”. Whether or not this is possible, astrology can reveal special connections between people. In our article, Soul Mate Astrology, we explore these connections.



Mars SymbolThe placement of Mars in a natal chart reveals what motivates and energizes individuals, how they express their drive, what they want, and how they go about getting what they want. Learn more about what makes people tick through the placement of Mars by sign in the birth chart.

Further, the placement of Mars by sign in the birth chart can tell us a lot about sexual drive and tastes.


Fun Tools:

Ask a question about love and let the Love Oracle give you an answer!


Click here to use our Ideal Lover selector. It will make a recommendation based upon your preferences in love.


I Have a Crush…

…and I want to find out as much information as I can about the object of my affections using his or her birth date. Also, I am not yet fluent in astrology.

If this is your situation, here are some steps you can take:

You’ve probably already read about how your Sun signs match up. There’s more.

1- The first step is to determine the sign positions of Venus, Mars, Eros, and Psyche. Find your sign and your friend’s sign for each of these planets and asteroids with our tables, and jot them down: Venus Sign Tables
Mars Sign Tables
Eros & Psyche Sign Tables

2- Once you know these positions, you’re ready to read more about your potential lover and the possible compatibility between the two of you. When love, romance, and sexuality are involved, you can see how your Venus signs match up. Do so with our Love Sign Compatibility interpretations. Once there, click on your Venus sign and scroll down to the paragraph that compares your Venus sign with your friend’s Venus sign.

3- While visiting our Love Sign Compatibility Interpretations, click on the sign of your friend’s Venus and read the general description of that sign. This shows the basic love needs and styles of romantic expression of your friend.

4- Look up your friend’s Venus and Mars sign and read about those signs on our Sexual Astrology pages.

5- Use our Sign Compatibility Grid to compare your Eros & Psyche positions. Find your Eros sign on one side of the grid, and your friend’s Psyche sign on the other side of the grid. The color of the box at these signs’ intersection reveals the nature of that relationship. Read the corresponding interpretation for that colored square. Then, compare your friend’s Eros and your Psyche sign. You can also use this grid for comparing your Venus sign and your friend’s Mars sign, as well as your Mars sign with your friend’s Venus sign.


Need help finding out the sign of your (or someone else’s) planets? See our article, How to Obtain Your Natal Chart.

See also: Venus Sign Tables
Mars Sign Tables


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