Astro 2018: Great Personal Power, Strong Social Conscience!

Who Are You Really According To Your Astrological Sign?

2018 is coming up on our horizon & Indastro is gearing up to give its long standing as well as new members its unique 2018 Horoscope. We have been much humbled by the appreciation, reactions and following of more than 18 Million views of our Annual reading that has been available since 2001.

The horoscope 2018 is ready and can be viewed as per your Moon Sign. The current trends till now show that 2018 would be less turbulent than 2016 & 2017 but the array of planetary combinations that would build up are much more than we have seen in the past few years. Saturn & Jupiter are within a harmonious space of each other and that promises good financial growth personally as well as in the world markets. War cries that began in 2017 would continue to attain a higher pitch as Saturn & Ketu keep on moving closer to each other. Saturn-Ketu combination is a war-mongering combination & by the time we are close to the end of 2018, we might be looking at a conflict zone involving the Far Eastern parts of the world. Mars would retrograde in July 2018 bringing India too under the red zone.

Overall, 2018 looks to be a positive year, as long as you put in the requisite efforts. Further, you can explore major annual trends for all Moon signs as evident in 2018 horoscope.

This Vedic Horoscope is prepared on the basis of Moon Sign, the zodiac in which Moon was placed at the time of birth. You can read 2018 Horoscope by clicking on your Moon Sign below. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out instantly.



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