3 Easy Magical Rituals For Fast Money!

3 Easy Magical Rituals For Fast Money!

If you want to get money very fast, do this easy magical rituals and the money will come to you…

In order to have luck in deals, cut in two one nutmeg and rub with it your thumbs and index fingers. Then tap one by one each banknote, which is located in your wallet.

This will bring you luck and money. And in order to come, always carry in your pocket or wallet bill you touched with a nutmeg.

  1. Another eastern ritual to attract money is the rain of coins. It should only be done under a full moon. At night collect absolutely all the coins that are in your home.

Take a shower, stay in the bathtub or in a bowl and pour over yourself all the coins. After a few days you will receive money. The idea of the ritual is money to start falling on you from the heaven.

  1. With the help of certain plants you can prepare an elixir of wealth. You will need distilled water or melted snow non-metallic container, green bottle , some cloves, some dill, some white pepper, some cedar bark. Smash the plants and mix them.

Fill the bottle on half, pour the mixture there, plug the bottle and place it in the sun so its rays to fall exactly on it.

In the evening open it and if its aroma is weak, let it stand another day. If the aroma is strong, you’re your and face with it. No one else can make this elixir for of wealth for you. You are the master of your own fate.

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