2016 We Move Forward To a Greater Version Of Our Divine Self!

2016 We Move Forward To a Greater Version Of Our Divine Self!

The last few years have given you many opportunities to embrace your true spirit, which has released you from old patterns and limitations.  Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically you have healed, released, realigned, processed and purged over and over again.  It has been a monumental time of change, which has initiated the re-connection of your soul and the reclamation of your Lightbody…

Your process of transition into light has been gradual as your energy field has been infused with and realigned to light.  The reclamation of your Lightbody has been created by the Earths current transition and has not been an optional experience  Each individual has been evolving and absorbing light at their own pace, yet when one is conscious of the process, transformation occurs at a faster rate.  Those that are unconscious are absorbing light in direct relation to the Earths changes.  No one has been immune to these shifts and changes and every individual on the planet has been offered the opportunity to heal, grow and evolve.

Of course all your energy bodies are intertwined and interconnected so the effects of all the changes and transformations informed and affected each body simultaneously.  As you move into 2016 you will experience a profound expansion, which will bring an active re-assessment of your life and final surrender to your destiny.  This will enable you to truly become the divine self instrument you are called to be and allow your divinity to determine your life.

2016 We Move Forward To a Greater Version Of Our Divine Self!

2016 will see you reclaiming all the multiple facets of your soul, which will enable you to move forward to a greater, more dynamic and expansive version of your divine self.  Your task will be to activate and incorporate the divine self qualities and attributes of your soul and then use these for the greatest good.  There is still much confusion as to what the soul is, how it functions and where it resides.  What we do know is that your soul is an extension of your divine self.  It is neither spirit nor matter and exists within a multidimensional universe.  It is crystalline in nature and a fragment of pure light essence.  Your soul is programmed to record your journey through the universe and is your link to the Divine Creator.

Your divine self resides in your sacred heart and contains a seed for full self realization. This seed contains an overview of all the highlights of every life you have ever lived, the major lessons you learnt and the talents and gifts you perfected as your journeyed through the cosmos.  You have been programmed in this lifetime to awaken your sacred heart, to cultivate this seed and thus activate your full soul potential.  Your process of healing, growth and transformation has stirred the seed and is now initiating the unification of all soul fragments within your being.  All lives, lifetimes and fragments of your soul are connected through the light of your spirit.  However, trauma, suffering and pain can fragment your soul leaving aspects stuck and or limited in old patterns of energy.  Your understanding of the intricate process of reconnecting with the many facets of your soul will help you to move through the coming year with greater ease and grace.

As you go through this years transformations and vibrational shifts you will move beyond the massive belief patterns of the collective consciousness and attune with your cosmic consciousness via the many facets of your soul.  Your soul consciouness will expand to reconnect you with the highest levels of your soul potential.  Boundaries to multidimensional consciousness will begin to fall away and you will gain access to all of your soul’s wisdom, talents and gifts.  Your task, beginning this year, will be to expand, evolve and heal all aspects of your soul to create a unified force through which a new reality of love, harmony, balance and peace may emerge.

Hidden fears may still arise and you may still find yourself clinging to old comfort zones before being able to 2016 We Move Forward To a Greater Version Of Our Divine Self!completely let go.  In those times it is important to remember there is no turning back now.  Be kind, gentle and compassion with yourself in these moments.  Your progress has brought you to this unbelievable place and as the year unfolds you will see and understand just how connected, centred and filled with purpose you are.

As you continue your path of personal growth and spiritual evolution your duty is to remember the old and wise aspect of yourself, to uncover its truth and to break through that which continues to cloud your inner divine light.  Remember you cannot convey that which you have not yet claimed as your won.  The incoming energies of this year will activate your ability to transmit perfect patterns of light into the world.  Your scope of influence will increase as you become fully engaged, with focused awareness, on the events of everyday life.  Thus it is imperative that you learn to process the harmonious and discordant energy patterns to which you are subjected to.  Take appropriate action.  Practice emotional and mental discipline and seek to become a master of self.  Do not turn your back on the world and life’s experiences, face them head on. Learn to view life from a higher perspective and endeavor to see the bigger picture.

By  Kate Spreckley

Source 2016 Year of the Soul

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