2 Powerful Rituals for LOVE

2 Powerful Rituals for LOVE

They say that love is as old as the world. The same is true for spells and rituals that attract it…

Often we are in love with someone. Then appears the idea of attracting his subconscious level, in other words – magic. Old masters in this art say that  the most affect spells  are spoken out loud with candles, and items of “victim”.

With bouquet

It is believed that this is the strongest love ritual in the world, used for centuries. Take 7 roses. Place them in a large vase. Stand in front of her mirror. Take a rose and start caressing your face with its color. Watch your reflection through the bouquet. Touch your eyelids with the roses and say “I see love,” take the flavor and say “I enamor love.”  Then lift the bouquet over your head and say out loud “love is in my hands.” The last two steps are the most important. Place the rose to your heart and say loud and clear, “I feel love.” Put the flower in front of you and watch over its color your reflection.  Talk “Love is in front of me, behind me is Love, Love is beside me, Love is above me, love is in me, love is inside me, Love is emitted by me, love comes to me. I’m a beloved. ”  Leave the bouquet in a prominent place. When the flowers withered, immediately throw them away.

With Candles

This ritual should be always performed at midnight. Take two candles, tied them with a red ribbon. Call the one for the object of your love. The other is yours. Attached them very hard with the ribbon,  to long your relationship. Then think of your beloved at least three minutes and repeat the name out loud. Repeat the ritual while the moon passes in another phase. The Best moon phase to start this ritual is the NEW MOON The result comes up to 1 month.

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